EE Day 2019

Based at Bodmin & Wenford Railway :-


English Electric Diesel Day 4th May 2019


Bodmin & Wenford Railway

A special intensive timetable day of EE thrash, double the locos, double the runs, double the thrash!


Featuring our two Cornish connected 1960's heritage mainline English Electric locomotives 37142 & 50042.


Approximately 60 miles of running over the gradients of Bodmin's two branchlines 1:37 and long stretches of 1:40 (see gradient profiles below), will see our loco's working hard to keep to this timetable!


The full WTT is shown below in Pdf.


Standard fares apply (Fares for HRA & Priv on production of a valid pass will be £8).

B&WR standard fares can be found by clicking HERE.

Last updated 21/3/19

Gradient Profiles Boscarne Jct <> Bodmin General <> Bodmin Parkway