Volunteering, Supporting and Donating

Bodmin Heritage Diesels depends entirely on volunteers to maintain and operate the fleet of ex British Railways locomotives. Our current team give  support in a variety of ways and come from  many different backgrounds.

Although we do have a few skilled individuals from the rail and similar industries, you don't have to be a locomotive technician or a mainline driver to help the group to continue to keep these 'retired' locos in fully running order on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway.

Over the past year our team has been steadily growing with a number of new keen helpers who do a day or two a month or more to suit the individual.We always welcome new Volunteers-and once you know the ropes and learn new skills you can come along at any time to suit yourselves.

Our group of volunteers travel from all over Devon and Cornwall with one regularly coming down from Derbyshire.So if you have ever thought that 'I would like to do that', now may be the time to take the plunge and become part of the team that helps keep our heritage Diesels running for generations to come.

o interested? -There are three main ways of helping us and you can Use the Contact page to find out more.:-

VOLUNTEERING - Help to restore and maintain our working fleet and go on to become train crew operating them on diesel running days.

DONATING - As you can well imagine,keeping these locos working is not cheap.For each running day the locos earn a small fee from the railway but does not nearly cover the costs of maintenance.Therefore we are very grateful to those individuals who make donations on either occasionally or by a regular standing order. Any donation-large or small are very much appreciated.We can even allocated it to a particular loco if required.

SUPPORTING - By coming along when our locos are running and enjoy travelling behind of our diesels working the steep Bodmin banks, one of the best climbs in the country on two branchlines!

Use the contact button at the top and ask us what else you would like to know about our group, its operations, how to donate, to volunteer or how you can support us.

Nearly everyone would like to be a train driver, well some of us can be!

Only two of our groups drivers are actually professional drivers for the rail industry, the other drivers have all learnt the rules and passed the exams to drive one or more of the classes of loco resident at Bodmin.

Starting by learning the basic loco, then route and train knowledge, passing the rule book exam, a medical and after sufficient turns of practical training an assessment for secondman. With enough experience / turns as secondman and with competency behind you, driver training can commence for those interested. Again once deemed to have gained enough knowledge and experince, a practical assessment by our traction motor inspector is held, before being passed out as a qualified diesel driver on the Bodmin & Wenford Railway.

Its the best seat on the train!