Class 33110

Based at Bodmin & Wenford Railway :-

Crompton / Sulzer Class 33 110 (D6527)

Owner-Bodmin and Wenford Railway Trust

33110 Specification

Powered by a Sulzer 8 cylinder in-line engine of 1550 bhp designated 8LDA. The main generator and the four traction motors were supplied by Crompton Parkinson. They were the first BR diesel locomotives to have electric train heating, however 33110 heating has since been removed.


33110 (originally D6527) was one of 98 Type 3 locomotives, built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company, for the Southern Region of British Railways and entered traffic in October 1960.

As with the rest of the Class it was delivered in BR Green and later carried

BR all over Blue.

In 1967 it was one of 19 locomotives converted for Push-Pull working for the Bournemouth Electrification Scheme, for use on the non electrified lines onwards to Weymouth.

33110 was withdrawn from BR Service in September 1992 following a period of restricted Engineers Department use.

Restoring 33110 was a big challenge taking 5 years to get to the stage of starting the power unit. Having been withdrawn at Eastleigh in Sep 1992 it arrived at Bodmin in December 1993. Much of the early years were spent locating and gathering the many missing parts; including 2 traction motors and a turbo charger amongst many others.

The power unit was started on 29th July 1998 followed by a bogie overhaul and bogie swap enabling it to move under its own power on 6th March 2000, with its first passenger turn on 25th of that month. The initial body work restoration took place over the following year before a 1960’s style livery of Green was completed.

After 6 years of near faultless service, it was time for a repaint. This was planned as a 1 year project but did in fact take 3 years, due to finding that most of the lower plate and framing along with the window surrounds was life expired. The Engineers Grey Livery made its debut in September 2009.


Power type



Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon Company

Build date


Total produced




UIC classification


Wheel diameter

3 ft 7 in (1.092 m)


39 ft 0 in (11.89 m)


50 ft 9 in (15.47 m)


8 ft 10 in (2.69 m)


12 ft 8 in (3.86 m)

Locomotive weight

73 to 77 long tons

Fuel capacity

800 imp gal

Prime mover

Sulzer 8LDA28



Traction motors

4 x DC traction motors

Top speed

85 mph (137 km/h)

Power output

Engine: 1,550 bhp (1,156 kW)

Tractive effort

Maximum: 45,000 lbf (200 kN)Continuous: 26,000 lbf (116 kN)

Train heating

Electric Train Heat

Locomotive brake force

35 long tons-force (349 kN)

Train brakes

Dual (Air & Vacuum)