50042 Overhaul 2012-2015

50042 'Triumph' Overhaul 2012-2015


The radiator tunnel, fan compartment and clean air compartment were found to be badly corroded with many large holes and the inevitable foot going through making an even larger hole in the floor of the clean air compartment. Much scraping, wire brushing and priming was carried out here along with many new panels being made and inserted into trunking and the floor.

The roof too had a great number of man hours spent on it taking back all the paint, patching in new pieces and then painting, ready for lifting back on. The roof supporting structure was an even longer task, forming the curved pieces and gaining the correct profile all took its time, especially as it was not the only fabrication task in the yard.

Meanwhile on the dry days the outside body work was being taken back, filled, sanded, primed, undercoated and even glossed in places.

The radiator shutters that had failed along with the temperature controller required a full overhaul and new linkage / cams manufacturing in anticaption of a new temperature controller to drive it all.

As 37142 finished its overhaul in 2012 a decision had to be made as to when to bringing in 47306 'The Sapper' for its long overdue overhaul. Or having recently discovered that 50042 had two cylinders heads in need of investigation and much body work / roof deterioration, work on 50042, Triumph won the call.

After the Autumn diesel gala of 2012, 50042 was taken out of service and brought into shed road 2 to start what turned out to be a bigger task than was first envisaged.

Items of equipment were soon removed once the roof panels were off, cylinder heads x 2, an exhauster that had begun to leak oil badly, the failed temperature controller, aux generator voltage controller all followed. An inspection of the main roof support beams highlighted a number of steel inserts were required to be fabricated, along with extensive roof repairs and a good amount of work on each of the cab as well.

The battery cells were found to be in very poor health and a number had been transferred to 37142 (The better ones) to allow the return to service of that loco, leaving 50042 now short of any starting battery power.

A new more reliable electronic AVR (Auxilary voltage regulator) in place of the old carbon pile one housed in the clean air compartment had been sourced. This meant new cabling to be installed down half the length of the loco, however with the first engine run up in August 2014, further wiring and electronic modifications were discovered as necessary. It was decided to also move the AVR to a new position within the generator room above the air filter cages as a far more suitable location for this electronic unit.

The exhauster was overhauled, tested and soon back into position. The two cyclinder heads replaced with overhauled ones meaning the engine work was complete by Winter 2013, however the structural work was a totally different matter!

First engine start for two years occurred in August 2014 and during the Autumn diesel gala of 2014 saw 'Triumph' fired up in shed road 1 and taking power once again, although driving with 'temporary' wooden windows is interesting!

With the welding and fabrication work finished, the task of taking back cab 2 externally could begin, whilst cab 1 internally was also being fully sanded and repainted, along with the generator compartment and all the air intake filter frames over the winter period.

Spring of 2015 saw a big push to get 50042 at least one coat of gloss all over and by early July 'Triumph' was moved by 37142 to Parkway shed for final painting out and recommissioning machinery tests including the new design temperature controller, with the aim of getting 50042 ready for the Sept 2015 diesel gala.

The dry, windless conditions in the Parkway shed meant progress was good, but the task of sanding back all the external surfaces once more for top coating was huge.

End of August, 50042 undertook two test runs successfully and with one week to spare before the gala, the decals went back on for BR large logo with black gloss roof, the choosen livery.

50042 'Triumph' returned to service for the Sept 26th 2015 diesel gala and took pride of place along with 37142 that had also received a top coat refresh whilst inside parkway shed over the summer with 50042. The two EE's looked stunning in the autumn sunshine making a very successful autumn gala and all the hard work and many man hours of toil on 50042 worthwhile.